Submitted by a dear friend. I like it very much and so, here I am sharing it.


If DISTANCE is merely a measure of physical space between 2 points, the physical distance itself can always be physically bridged, either by hopping/jumping across or using some form of physical structure or transportation to close the gap.

What if the DISTANCE we are looking at is not in the physical sense? 
Distance between 2 minds, or 
Distance between 2 hearts, or

Distance between 2 souls, et cetera.

The above points of arguments looks at more of a difference in points of view or perspective between 2 individuals. A proper and more thorough understanding of these aspects are more fundamental in bridging the gap between people in general.  The scope of study may be expanded or extended with regards to your choice of subject matters.  
We are each unique creations put here in the same space, looking to survive, ultimately in each own path (either by personal choice or divine design) in search of The Creator.

The differences between one another should not be our basis to be judgemental, rather our basis to become more aware and more understanding of another’s role in our lives, and our role in theirs.

A nobler approach is to look a little deeper into this gap and try to understand the undeniable truth, sometimes hidden even to our own selves. Being more aware of another’s situation(s) and trying our best to understand their cries of pain is not an easy field of study.  However, at the end of it, if it makes us more tolerant to our differences, then perhaps we are well on our way to become slightly better humans than when we first started.

Any ordinary human being can further these analysis if he/she wishes to do so. First and foremost, lets look at the requirements below. 
A great desire or need for the betterment of the said relationship


Open heart

Open mind

Ability to be objective towards both sides


Guidance from The Almighty Creator

These values are necessary, to ensure more fruitful results.

To begin, we should try to look into each other, by way of introspection into ourself, at the same time, empathizing with the other person. Truthfully, even these 2 activities can be extremely taxing, depending on the type of relationship we are looking at.  

As such, without a great desire for betterment, while being patient enough to accept the result as objectively as possible, we might feel the need to give up and walk away during the process.

Another point worth mentioning here is the ability to look as deep as you can into the objects of study, appreciating the good points and ignoring the bad points as much as possible even from the very beginning. Always keep in mind that the objective is to bring people closer.

Along the line, if you feel overwhelmed by your findings, you may need to take a step back, prioritize, shift your focus or change your perspective entirely.  As we are mere humans and we are constantly evolving, we should also try to compensate to fulfill our individual needs as well.
During these times, it’s always good to take time for yourself and slowly figure out where you went wrong.  Humility and clarity of thought should be able to help you accept whatever comes your way as guidance or note points for future reference, should you feel the need to continue at a later time.

In the end, this is not necessary for all of your relationships, besides, why bother putting in so much effort into things most people just instantly brush off on daily basis.  

After all, it is so much easier to just preserve our own ego and let the distance get wider with each passing moment.  :-p


Allahu’alam… what ever distance it may be, we decide whether we should keep the gap or bridge it to create a connection.


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