ILLUMINATI CARD GAMES Predictions Coming True!!! What is Next to Come?


I find this “Illuminati” card game  interesting. It goes in line with the rest of the potential material that is “predictive” relatively speaking. 

I am starting to consider that the hidden hands are seriously playing a game with humanity. All in the name of total control.  Disturbing isn’t it, but quite accurate. 

Dont forget there are in all 526 Cards ?

They had this cards made knowing what they set out to do. Watch out for more Cards Becoming REAL!!!

Is the Illuminati Card Game just an innocent game created in 1994 by Steve Jackson, or an ominous and eerie predictor of future events?

Either way, the mystery, and yet at the same time the openness of the game has caused millions to questions it’s meaning for over two decades.

A new article by Realities Watch puts together 10 of the scariest “predictions” the cards have made… well, seven -it seems perhaps three are yet to come.  You be the judge.

Note: As more “predictions” come to fruition, we will update this article accordingly, so keep checking back…

The Illuminati game is a standalone card game made by Steve Jackson Games (SJG). It was printed in 1994. The game looks normal at first look but as soon as you check the cards, you begin to realize that what happened in the cards came true.

The Terrorism Attacks, Barack Obama, Tsunami, Oil Spill, Music Industry and more are kind of related or familiar to the cards from the game. 

The cards were all distributed on 1994, what creeps other people is that the other cards might come true such as the Flesh Eating Disease, World War III emerging, End of the World and more. Is this a case of coincidence or is it a warning for everyone?

One thing that is sure though, The card game is creepy as hell. 

princes di and france

For example, a few years after the game was released, Princess Di or Princess Diana was murdered in Paris.

Sure, this could be a coincidence, but I used this example to show how cards can be played together.


The strongest example of predicting future events is seen with the 9/11 terror attacks.

In order to control the conspiracy theories and growing dissent, they have their own men controlling the opposition.


What are we supposed to think when these game cards just seem to match up to reality time and again?

First there was the BP oil spill..


.. and then the Fukushima nuclear disaster caused by a tidal wave.


There is a card that seems to show the backlash Obama has been receiving for his unpopular policies. There was even a story from earlier this year about Kenyan leaders threatening to have Obama pelted with rotten eggs if he preached the virtues of buttsex in their country.

obama ass

Some people are even saying that a card resembling Donald Trump indicates he might be assassinated, but perhaps it is saying that Donald might be the one sending out the hit squads.


One of the biggest shake-ups in the alternative media has been over the issue of the flat earth and NASA fakery.


People laugh, but the Flat Earthers know something.

friday 13

While this was going on an event took place on Friday the 13th in Paris.

The terror attack was allegedly carried out by Jihadists, which many people are accepting, but others are claiming it was a Mossad job, causing yet another rift.


Still others are suggesting that it was an elaborate hoax…. carried out by the jewish media masters to further the aims of Greater Israel.


Juliane Assange, Wikileaks founder. Wikileaks

Big issue for the powers that be. Could he have his own card?


I will leave it up to you to form your own conclusions as to what this all could mean and what the purpose of this “game” really is.

To see or download ALL the cards visit.

Illuminati is a standalone card game made by Steve Jackson Games (SJG), inspired by The Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. 

The game has ominous secret societies competing with each other to control the world through sinister means, including legal, illegal, and even mystical. 

It was designed as a foreshadowing tool take on conspiracy theories. It contains groups named similarly to real world organizations, such as the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Semiconscious Liberation Army. 

It can be played by two to eight players. Depending on the number of players, a game can take between one and six hours.


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