When we were young we were taught to live a certain way, and believe certain things without question. What this type of education is, in reality, is called mind control, or paradigm enforcement. Without knowing, we were being taught to not only live in the box, but also NOT to look outside of it. All sectors of life are fashioned this way. 

You have paradigms for religion, education, social gatherings, transportation etc. No matter where you go, you will find rules to be followed. These sets of rules for any given situation are called “Paradigms”. It doesn’t matter if the rules are based on fact, assumptions, or lies. They are the rules to follow, or you will find yourself an outcast, a heretic. 

This is part of the controlling mechanism built into the system that keeps people from wondering off – possibly to find the truth. And that is the one thing “They” don’t want to happen, because if it did, “They” would loose their control over you. You become truly knowledgeable of the truth, you become empowered, and you cease to be an ignorant slave to their system.


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