Have you ever wonder why we call and refer The USA as “Amerika Syarikat”. Well, they are after all a corporation. They are indeed a “Syarikat”.

And so, with the disclaimer that this is not legal or lawful advise (just covering my A$$ here, okay), I am now going to share what I have learned. I recommend to everyone reading this to do your own research and verify everything I say here today. I would also highly recommend that you take my advice offered below, and go to your local “Justice Center” and sit in court as an observer. You will be amazed at what you see once you comprehend the following information…


Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines the term “strawman” as:

1: a weak or imaginary opposition set up only to be easily confuted.

2: a person set up to serve as a cover for a usually questionable transaction.

The Strawman can be summed up as an imaginary, passive stand-in for the real participant; a front; a blind; a person regarded as a nonentity. The Strawman is a “shadow,” a go-between.

So let’s start off with a bit of background…

First, understand that the government is a collection of private corporations. Chances are you live in an incorporated municipality, nicknamed the “City” or the “Town” or the “Borough“, located within the “County”, which in turn is located within the “State”. This is the corporation acting as the “Government” of that “City“. For instance, I live in the Draper City Corporation, and around me are the Provo City Corporation and the Salt Lake City Corporation. These are the actual names of the “city” governments, called “incorporated municipalities”.

See a complete evidential examination of this corporate structure and its Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting (CAFR) system in my documentary “The Corporation Nation” here: http://thecorporationnation.com/

The corporate municipality then creates De-Facto statutory code, for which they nickname “The Law“… though most of these codes are not actually congressionally approved law (approved by our so-called representative congressmen), but are instead what is called Prima Facie (presumed) law (legality), for which all citizens are required by the corporation they contract with to follow with their due consent. But legal corporate CODE is only statutory law if it receives the acquiescence (consent) of the governed. We, the People are the governed. Without our consent, the Prima Facie presumption of law (CODE) has no legal standing. It has no authority backing it up accept our agreement that it is law, since the consensual agreement by the governed makes the contractual aspect of the legality null and void if it is not consented to. While a legality/CODE may not always be lawful, law always trumps legality if consent is not given to the legality (presumed law).

Common Law, or Case Law, should be studied and understood. It is up to you to know this case-law, or at least the ones that apply to your specific case, so that it can be considered as common law. Why? Because U.S. CODE is 157 feet long in dozens of volumes, so no human being could possibly know the law (CODE)! So if you want common law to be considered in a court of law, you will have to research and present that case-law to the court yourself. The so-called judge (an attorney in a black moo-moo) has no legal requirement to introduce case-law (common law) into his own court regardless of whether or not it would prove your innocence, nor does the prosecuting attorney, and believe it or not, neither does your defending attorney (an agent of the court, not you)! This is why defending yourself with the knowledge of jurisdiction and common law is paramount. In other words, if you want the court and/or the jury (always request/demand a jury trial, lest the privately incorporated judge seal your fate) to consider actual law, you must be the one to introduce and ensure that this law is read in the court and duly registered as evidence of common (case) law.

The “municipality” then hires police officers to enforce all of these legal codes. These are called code-enforcement officers – a police man veiled in municipal corporate authority becomes a police officer – an officer of the municipal corporation. These “officers” work for the municipal corporation (city or town) you live in; a private corporate police force, enforcing the codes created by this private corporation, but not necessarily the common law. They have no requirement to protect and serve you or your neighbor’s constitutional rights (since you really have none in a corporate structure under a declared “state of emergency”), but they are required only to protect the continuity and CODE of the municipal corporation they serve. They are only there to help you to obey CITY, COUNTY, STATE, and U.S. CODE by fining and arresting you if you do not obey that CODE. These codes that I am referring to are all corporate codes, as all of these cities, counties, states, and the United States (Federal municipality, Washington D.C.) are also incorporated entities.

Though you may live in what is referred to as an unincorporated area, you are still within a county or state corporation, and part of THE UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, the corporate veil of artificial person-hood that is laying on top of and killing slowly the united states of America.

In an unincorporated area (a city or town that is not a municipal corporation) your law enforcement agency is the County Sheriff. This is why the County Sheriff is of such vital importance to any of the freedoms we still do enjoy, the only truly lawful representative (elected and approved by the people) of common law. Many elected sheriffs across the country though have sold out their people by assigning away that lawful right in lieu of Federal grants and United Nations treaties. Salt Lake County’s Sheriff Jim Winder is no exception. After being elected to a second term in office, he and the poisonous County Council dissolved the Sheriff’s department and created a private corporation called the “Unified Police District”, of which the elected Sheriff became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of that now private incorporated police force. Counties across America are falling prey to this act of treason, loosing the last vestige of protection of their common law rights, and Salt Lake County is now literally a “police state”.

Into The World We Are Berthed

But for some real perspective, let’s go back even further, to the day you were born.

The collective corporation wastes no time in grabbing up its slaves and forcing them into indentured servitude as citizens. The seemingly harmless act of filling out a certificate of live birth ensures that you, a living breathing human being with a soul, are ushered into this corporate structure without any chance to challenge this action. Your parents have just signed their new born baby, birthed into the United States under Maritime Law and Universal Commercial Code (The Law Of The Sea) like a ship docking into the port of New York, over to the Federal Government by way of a Certificate of Live Birth. This contract places its listed contents (you) as property of the United States Government. You are born into servitude, and you are immediately considered to be collateral for the good faith and credit of the United States Government, U.S. INC. You are now part of the herd, a herd of human chattel, enslaved from inception. And you have just been veiled in an artificial person-hood; you have been incorporated and given a STRAWMAN corporate name similar to your human name.

Unfortunately, all you can do in response at that tender age is to burp and maybe wet yourself after a good cry!

Now, it is important to comprehend that all of this happened at an age before you, as a living free human being with a soul, had any way to read, comprehend (under-stand), acquiesce (consent), or sign (agree to in writing) this contractual incorporation of your legal person.

Consent cannot be lawfully given for any contract without full disclosure and acquiescence of said contract. This is basic, standard contract law. The state contracts with you anyway by way of its legal Prima Facie prerogative to do so, at the tender age of Zero. And so your parents signed ownership of you as a commodity over to the government without even realizing the fate they had just sealed for you as their parents had unwittingly done to them. They just signed away, without comprehension or acquiescence, their most prized possession to the state. And this is why the so-called government agency called “Child Protective Services” has the legal jurisdiction of acquiring your children at any time it sees fit. Your parents gave them that right at your birth, as you likely did or will do with your own children at their birth.

Of course, you can never retrieve your original Birth Certificate from the Federal Government. You can only request to acquire a certified copy of that document. The original is kept in the corporation called Washington D.C. (a private corporate “district” outside of the 50 states united) and used as collateral. You are that collateral, as the “attorney-in-fact” (representative) of that STRAWMAN trust, which is created under your “STRAWMAN” corporate name. This trust is accessed in times of corporate commerce, like when a loan, credit card, or contract is written in our STRAWMAN name.

As an example:

My free name is Clint P Richardson.


All legal contracts will be in the all capital letter name, representing my corporate person, not me as a living breathing human being. Take a look at your driver’s license and any contracts you have and notice this all capital letter you.

I will tell you more later… Try to digest this first…

Now that you know how this works at The USA, compare it to your own government or country. Do they own you?


Please read Part 1 first to fully understand what is going on here 😉

Just like the Birth Certificate, anytime you “register” anything with the state, you are assigning ownership of that thing over to the state. This is why the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), through the private municipal code-enforcement police force, can take your vehicle at any time they see fit. Your consent was given for this as soon as you signed the authorized signature line of your registration forms. But even before that, you learned these codes set up by the state, and you acquired a license to drive, signing away your God-given common law right to travel in lieu of permission from the state to drive on the authorized signature line. 

That license gave your consent to the state, county, and municipal corporations to enforce those traffic codes upon you, as you are the carrier of your artificial person (STRAWMAN) – your corporate “person” – that you carry with you like a veil of invisible clothing. The word incorporate indeed stems from the Latin word corpus, meaning to veil something in artificial person-hood. This is what a corporation is: an artificial person, with 1st amendment rights of free speech due to precedent set by private corporate courts (the laughably titled Justice System) over the years.

So that I am making myself clear, the “Authorized Signature” line is on most contracts and even on your own personal or business checkbook. When they say, “sign on the dotted line”, they are referring to this “dotted” authorized signature line. But if we look closer, this is not a line at all. If you take a magnifying glass out and look at the line where you place your signature on your personal checks, you will discover a frightening surprise… That dotted line actually says:


What does this mean?

By signing that line as a free and natural human being with a soul, you are authorizing your STRAWMAN corporate “person” to engage in commerce within the corporation, using Federal Reserve Notes out of your checking account.

What do Federal Reserve Notes have to do with this transaction?

Remember, when you were born, and then more importantly when you received a Social Security Number (SSN), you became collateral for the good faith and credit of the United States Government; for the corporation acting as the De Facto government.

De Facto means “in practice but not necessarily ordained by law” -or- “in practice or actuality, but without being officially established.” – For example: the people obey a contract as though there were a law enforcing it, yet there is no such law (only presumed law by consent of the two parties in the contract). This is our government… a corporation not allowed or not being operated under the jurisdiction of law, but only by its own legal CODE, of which requires the consent of the governed (the contracted citizens). These CODES are like the codes at your job: if you don’t like the rules, you quit.

De Jure means “what the law says” -or- “concerning the law”. It is the common, natural law and it is the basis of a constitutional republic. The original constitution for the united states of America was indeed a De Jure common law consensu al contract. But as we discussed earlier, that piece of paper was suspended and a fictional corporate constitution was enacted in its place by a dictatorial De Facto Executive government.

If you look at the back of your Social Security card (a unit of the International Monetary Fund – IMF) you will find a set of digits. These digits are different from the ones that make up your SS#. This one starts with a letter and is followed by 8 numbers instead of 9.

Now look at any $1 dollar bill…

Notice that the serial number that is on the front lower left side of that Federal Reserve Note has one letter and 8 numbers, followed by another letter. Drop the last letter, and you have a dollar bill whose serial number matches a Social Security (CUSIP) number for some STRAWMAN in the United States.

Your STRAWMAN trust is used as this collateral. This serial number represents the corporate trust account of your STRAWMAN that was set up when you were birthed into artificial person-hood, as accessed by your Social Security Number.

Since all contracts you sign on the authorized (STRAWMAN) signature line represent Federal Reserve Notes, and since all commerce you enter into is also using this debt money system, your are contracted with the state and its taxes by consent when using these “U.S. Dollars”.

When you go to a bank and sign a loan application, that application and the promissory note that you sign gets turned into money via the fractional reserve system. This is how new money is created. It is not money, in reality, but rather what is called “evidence of debt”. This simply means that each Federal Reserve Note, digital or paper, is the debt of the country. It must be paid back to the FED as this money was created or borrowed by the people (chattel). So instead of money, we carry around debt papers; I.O.U’s if you will, all representing one STRAWMAN or another…

Thus, since the (property) home or automobile you have purchased is with that newly created money out of your STRAWMAN trust account through the fractional reserve banking system, it is the property of the state!

It is important to understand here what the government has defined as “property”, and why it grants itself the authority to seize the property of any citizen who contracts with it:

“The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of government, i.e. law, amounting to mere user; and user must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.” — Senate Document No. 43, 73D Congress, 1st Session, entitled: “Contracts Payable in Gold”, by George Cyrus Thorpe, submitted to the senate: April 17, 1933

This is a very revealing senatorial document. It sheds light on the concept of government and its requirement of permission and licenses. It also explains why all property must be registered with the state.

Who owns all property? Who owns the home and the land it sits on that you call your own? Who has the authority or permission to mortgage property?

“The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar because it is backed by the credit of the Nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the people in the Nation.” –Congressman Patman, speaking from the Congressional Record of March 9, 1933, and referring to the Act of March 9, 1933.

Do You Need A License Or Permit To Drive, Hunt, And Fish?

According to the state, which holds your “STRAWMAN” in contract, you do, as you are the legal representative of that fictional “STRAWMAN” signing on the authorized signature line of all contracts.

Your contract (license and registration) with DMV is the very reason why you must obey the codes set up by the DMV.

And your hunting and fishing license is a contract in which you give up your natural and common law right to hunt and fish and instead accept not only the permission (permit), but all the legalities, limits, and seasons imposed by the state though that contract.

But what about my new friend Joe? Remember Joe?

Since Joe is a free man not driving but living and traveling on the land without intentionally being contracted with the private corporation we know as the De Facto government, he does not need a permit or license to do what free men like himself have the right to do.

This is the difference between a God-given right and a state-granted privilege.

Rights are foolishly and contractually given up for this state permission.

Traveling is a lawful term. Driving is a legal term.

Traveling is a right. Driving is a privilege.

But of course, the corporate De Facto police still harass and write citations for Joe, despite the fact that he has no license plate number or driver’s license number to reference on the ticket or citation, nor a permit number to reference for anything he does, like hunting and fishing. And so this is a real conundrum. For Joe is one of many thousands of brave individuals acting as free men (and women) across this once free country. And sadly, Joe has no support from the rest of the indentured slaves, who have come to value their particular brand of servitude under contract to the state. People – corporate persons – actually self-police their code-enforced society and turn in people like Joe to the code-enforcement officers as if he is breaking the law! This is only due to the fact that most corporate persons (citizens of UNITED STATES INC.) do not know what law is, because corporate government legality and CODES have been laid over the law; a thinly veiled yet heavily enforced set of rules that go against everything a free and constitutional society in a republic form of government should stand for.

They have been spun by the mainstream media, and even by much of the alternative media, that democracy is freedom. The word republic has long disappeared from public media discourse. Of course, since a republic ensures that all people are represented in government and in common law as free men, no matter how small the minority is – even a minority of one – a democracy ensures that a certain percent of the population up to 49.99% must submit to the will of the “vote” of the other 50.01%. So in a democracy, 1 – 50% of the people can have their rights taken away by the other half.

And this is called freedom?

Of course, these people who are on the legal majority side are the people who turn in other people for not obeying the legal CODES that they blindly follow, mistaking these legalities as laws. They vote what their media tells them. The minority, in this case Joe, is harassed, cursed, condemned, and cast out as insane. Thus, the democratic process is complete.

The republic for which Joe still stands will always be there though, despite the veil of corporate governance that has usurped the beauty of that free republic. And Joe will never give his consent to this democracy… the duped voting and consenting public who are strangled and blinded by their STRAWMAN.

 Going To Court!

Now that we have a grasp on what the “STRAWMAN” is and that as contracted corporate persons we are conducting all business within this De Facto presumed law government, let’s talk about what a court is.

Courts are, surprise surprise… private corporations.

In California and some other states, through the freedom of information act, this is a proven reality. In fact, the judge is the owner of that court, rents that court out in an official capacity to the city, county, or state for a multi-million dollar lease, and even write checks on dummy accounts that are not registered with the IRS.

More on this here: http://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2010/12/18/the-united-states-a-corporation/

The private corporate court earns a percentage of the amount of money it collects in fines, and also receives kickbacks by placing citizens in prison or on probation. All prisoners are assigned a CUSIP number based on that prisoner’s STRAWMAN trust. This CUSIP # is then bundled up with other CUSIP numbers and sold as bundled securities on the securities markets. These are bundled persons. Prisoners are commodities for which the fruit of their labor is traded. This is why jails are overflowing, and why so many people get unsupervised probation for so many months. Probationary status is still a form of incarceration, and community service is often assigned. People on probation receive the CUSIP number as well, and are bundled just like the in-house prisoners.

Obviously, this is a racket! But as slaves of the corporation, used as chattel and collateral, we are subject to this tyranny by consent.

Now that you know how this works at The USA, compare it to your own government or country. Do they own you?

Sekian. Semoga bermanfaat diketahui.

Allahu’alam… Wassalam


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